Winterhaven In Midwest City

Kobold Problem Removal

I love the smell of greed in the morning.

The party headed back to the inn to be greeted by Eilian and another patron dressed in finely tailored clothes. Salvana indicates the latter when asked where they could find Lord Padraig. They quickly introduce themselves, their quest (plus their favorite color [grin]) to find their mentor Douven Staul, and the troubles they’ve had with kobold ambushes. Upon hearing of the kobold ambushes, Padraig reveals that the party is not the only one that has faced these evil monsters in recent months. He then offers a 100gp reward if the party “eliminates the problem”. After a bit of negotiation, he reluctantly agrees to a 150gp reward instead.

Padraig also indicates on the crude map Eilian created where he suspects the kobold lair is. The party decides to head out immediately hoping to find their mentor and obtain a bit of coin in the process.



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