Winterhaven In Midwest City

Arrival in Winterhaven

The party has arrived...

After arriving at the gates to Winterhaven, the two guards on duty direct them to Wrafton’s Inn. The innkeeper, Salvana Wrafton, was quite friendly and seemed to remember the group’s mentor staying in one of the inn’s rooms before leaving.

A local farmer by the name of Eilian (a.k.a. ‘Eilian the Old’ by the locals) claimed to know the area well. The group also learned he recognized our mentor’s name and tells them he sent him to a local burial ground. The group’s mentor has not been seen since and Eilian hopes he is alright. On a napkin, Eilian drew a map of the local area with an ‘X’ marking the spot of the burial ground.

Before heading out again, the group discerned the local lord’s name was Lord Earnest Padraig. They also found out there were a little more than 900 people (including farmers) living in and around the town. They thanked Eilian for his help and set off once again in search of Douven.



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