Winterhaven In Midwest City

Kobold Problem Removal
I love the smell of greed in the morning.

The party headed back to the inn to be greeted by Eilian and another patron dressed in finely tailored clothes. Salvana indicates the latter when asked where they could find Lord Padraig. They quickly introduce themselves, their quest (plus their favorite color [grin]) to find their mentor Douven Staul, and the troubles they’ve had with kobold ambushes. Upon hearing of the kobold ambushes, Padraig reveals that the party is not the only one that has faced these evil monsters in recent months. He then offers a 100gp reward if the party “eliminates the problem”. After a bit of negotiation, he reluctantly agrees to a 150gp reward instead.

Padraig also indicates on the crude map Eilian created where he suspects the kobold lair is. The party decides to head out immediately hoping to find their mentor and obtain a bit of coin in the process.

A Morning With Evandra
Sister Linara tells the party where to go.

After asking the merchant for directions, the party finds themselves at a local temple of Evandra. They ask the head priestess, Sister Linara, about the necklace. She informs them that is indeed a symbol of Orcus, but admits she knows nothing of its origins or of any “kobold troubles”. However, she does suggest they talk to Lord Padraig. “Being a humble servant of Evandra does not afford one sufficient time to keep up with town gossip, after all”, she says with a wry grin. When asked where to find Lord Padraig, she carefully intones, “This early in the morning, he can usually be found at Wrafton’s Inn”.

Ambushed Round Two
Ambushed? Deja Vu!

Unfortunately, shortly after leaving Winterhaven, they were ambushed by a much more numerous group of kobolds several of which were larger and carried shields. After dealing with this threat, the group finds a little bit of gold and silver, several pieces of armor, some spears, and a light shield.

Additionally, they find a necklace on which dangles a small dragon figurine carved from obsidian. Torg recognized a symbol etched on the figurine that resembled a skull with ram’s horns as that of Orcus, demon lord of the undead.

The party decided to head back to town, sell the various gear, and attempt to find out more there.

Arrival in Winterhaven
The party has arrived...

After arriving at the gates to Winterhaven, the two guards on duty direct them to Wrafton’s Inn. The innkeeper, Salvana Wrafton, was quite friendly and seemed to remember the group’s mentor staying in one of the inn’s rooms before leaving.

A local farmer by the name of Eilian (a.k.a. ‘Eilian the Old’ by the locals) claimed to know the area well. The group also learned he recognized our mentor’s name and tells them he sent him to a local burial ground. The group’s mentor has not been seen since and Eilian hopes he is alright. On a napkin, Eilian drew a map of the local area with an ‘X’ marking the spot of the burial ground.

Before heading out again, the group discerned the local lord’s name was Lord Earnest Padraig. They also found out there were a little more than 900 people (including farmers) living in and around the town. They thanked Eilian for his help and set off once again in search of Douven.

Traveling surprise...

While traveling to Winterhaven, the students were jumped by several small kobolds. After a long and tough battle, the group found a small amount of silver, but nothing else of interest. Due to the difficult nature of the combat, the adventures decided to camp for an extended rest before heading on to Winterhaven.

The adventure begins...

An avid dragonoligist, Douven had set out weeks earlier to investigate what he had surmised was a dragon burial ground near Winterhaven. After becoming worried at his prolonged absence, a close-knit group of students set out to find their missing mentor Douven Staul. In addition to finding their missing mentor, they were all looking forward to the grand adventures they were sure to have.


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